I need something in my life that brings me joy. Something to motivate and inspire me,something to lift me up and let me stretch my wings and fly. But perhaps I should say someone rather than something -I’m one of those people that whilst I’m happy to be alone, I only feel pleasure when it […]

A Bump in the Night

Sleep is my greatest un-requited love. It is the state of consciousness I long for over any other, but, unfortunately sleep has never really liked me, let alone loved me as I have loved it. Often I am chasing it late into the night, and ever since I was very young night terrors have stalked […]

Hedo Vibes

Photo courtesy of Miss Ruby Reviews Welcome to HedoVibes, a collection of reviews and giveaways that were posted in the past week or so from around the web. This is a collection of adult product reviews & contests from real reviewers. If you want to be included in the next edition start with the guidelines, […]

Making a Fantasy a Reality

Everyone has a sexual fantasy, I have many. Most of them are almost embarrassingly vanilla, some others are a bit out there. Out towards an edge I’ve been afraid to explore, or rather I’m scared to explore beyond what my imagination can offer. But there is one. One fantasy I’d love to do, or see […]

Sexperts Wanted

I was recently approached and asked if I would write a sponsored post for a website called arousr. It is a site that offers services in what I would call the ‘sexual fantasy’ industry – phone sex, web cam girls and sexting. As I recently wrote I have just decided that I would accept opportunities […]

LELO Dare Me Pleasure Set Giveaway

Win some LELO Pleasure Objects One of my favourite things I get to do as a blogger is to give away free stuff and to help me celebrate a couple of recent milestones the lovely people from LELO are sponsoring this giveaway where you could win yourself your very own Dare Me Pleasure set which […]

Sponsored Posts

After being ripped off and fucked over by no less than 5 affiliate programs I found myself re-thinking whether or not I would accept money for a sponsored blog post. I have a slight un-ease with it as I fear people will think my opinion can be bought – but the truth is it can’t. […]

LELO Ina Wave – Sex Toy Review

Over the past few years there have been many innovations in the sex toy arena and the LELO Ina Wave™ is certainly one of them. Designed to mimic the ‘come hither’ gesture of a human finger, the same motion a finger might make in order to stimulate a womans G-Spot. the Ina Wave™ is touted […]

On Pointe

post preview image

The idea for this photo came to me a few weeks ago when I first discovered that the Sinful Sunday prompt for July was ‘chair’, but as it’s a shot I couldn’t achieve alone I had to put it off and wait until I had a suitable camera assistant.

Colour Play

Violet in blue

For my first ever Sinful Sunday post the theme of the month is ‘Colour Filter’